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Alchemy, which predates modern chemistry, often associated
natural substances and plants with celestial bodies (like planets) as part of
its holistic worldview. Let’s break this down:

Alchemical Natural Chemicals and Their Associated
  1. Planets:
  1. Salt
    (common table salt) – Moon: Salt was often associated with the
    lunar qualities of purification and cleansing.
  2. Sulphur
    (often found in match heads) – Sun: Sulphur represented the active,
    masculine principle in alchemy and was linked with the sun’s radiant
  3. Mercury
    (found in old thermometers) – Mercury: This quicksilver metal was
    synonymous with the planet due to its mutable and fluid qualities.
  4. Lead
    (used in some batteries and old pipes) – Saturn: Lead, being a
    heavy metal, was associated with the restrictive qualities of Saturn.
  5. Tin
    (found in some cans and solders) – Jupiter: Tin was linked with
    Jupiter’s expansive and benevolent nature.
  6. Copper
    (used in wiring and coins) – Venus: The beauty and luster of copper
    associated it with Venus, the planet of love and beauty.
  7. Iron
    (found in tools and nails) – Mars: Iron’s toughness and association
    with weapons and warfare linked it to Mars.
  8. Silver
    (used in jewelry and some coins) – Moon: Its reflective qualities
    and beauty were associated with lunar energies.
  9. Gold
    (used in jewelry) – Sun: Gold, being the most noble of metals, was
    tied to the sun for its purity and brilliance.
  10. Antimony
    (less common in households but used in some cosmetics and batteries) – Earth:
    Alchemists viewed antimony as a bridge between the metallic and
    non-metallic realms.

Herbs and Their Associated Planets:

  1. Chamomile
    Sun: Bright, warming, and uplifting, chamomile embodies solar
  2. Valerian
    Mercury: Associated with the nervous system and communication.
  3. Mugwort
    Moon: Often used in dreamwork and associated with feminine
  4. St. John’s Wort
    Sun: A bright yellow herb used for uplifting the spirits.
  5. Nettle
    Mars: The stinging quality of nettle aligns it with the fiery
    energy of Mars.
  6. Dandelion
    Jupiter: Known for its beneficial properties and expansive
  7. Rose
    Venus: Associated with love, beauty, and the heart.
  8. Comfrey
    Saturn: Linked with grounding and structure.
  9. Elder
    Venus: Often used in love and protection spells.
  10. Peppermint
    Mercury: Stimulating and associated with communication and mental

The following instructions are to get you started in your practice of alchemy. This list is very basic, but it will give your perception a taste of the processes at work.

Alright, step into my magical sanctum and let’s embark on this journey. Remember, as with all magical practices, intent is key, and one must approach each with respect, understanding, and awareness of their actions. But it’s important to keep in mind that the process of creating the final product in alchemy is done by way nd method of ritual. You may collect and construct the raw materials and objects, but then those things must be fused into a magical item through a magical ritual. So after studying this material, you must combine what you have learned in other classes, to build a ritual for the purpose of performing alchemy. Let’s begin:

Solar Invigoration Elixir:

Purpose: To boost energy and well-being. Ingredients: Chamomile, Gold, and a dash of Sulphur. Method:

  • Begin by brewing a cup of chamomile tea.
  • As it brews, place a gold coin or small gold item nearby.
  • Sprinkle a minuscule amount of sulphur (use with caution) into the brew, while envisioning the sun’s radiant energy infusing the tea.
  • Drink the tea during the morning hours, visualizing its energy revitalizing your being.

Lunar Dream Pillow:

Purpose: To aid in dream divination and relaxation. Ingredients: Mugwort, Silver, and Salt. Method:

  • Fill a small pillow or sachet with dried mugwort.
  • Place a piece of silver jewelry or a silver coin inside.
  • Sprinkle some salt around the pillow, forming a circle, to purify and protect.
  • Sleep with this under your regular pillow, inviting insights from your dreams.

Mercury Mind Elixir:

Purpose: Sharpening the intellect. Ingredients: Valerian and Mercury. Method:

  • (Note: Do NOT ingest mercury. It is toxic!) Place a small vial of mercury (safely sealed) next to a brewed tea of valerian.
  • Meditate on the fluidity and quicksilver nature of thought.
  • Drink the valerian tea, absorbing its calming properties, to clear the mind and enhance intellectual pursuits.

Venusian Love Perfume:

Purpose: Attracting love and deepening existing relationships. Ingredients: Rose petals, Copper, and Elder. Method:

  • Infuse rose petals in a carrier oil for a week.
  • On a Friday (Venus’s day), add a small copper bead or shaving to the infused oil.
  • Add a few drops of elderberry essence. Wear as a perfume to attract love and harmonious relationships.

Mars Courage Amulet:

Purpose: To boost confidence and bravery. Ingredients: Iron, Nettle. Method:

  • Take a small iron nail or pendant.
  • Tie dried nettle around it using a red thread.
  • Carry it with you, touching it whenever you need a burst of courage.

Jupiter Wealth Bundle:

Purpose: For attracting prosperity. Ingredients: Tin, Dandelion. Method:

  • Fill a small cloth pouch with dandelion leaves and roots.
  • Place a tin coin or object inside.
  • Keep it in your wallet or cash register, allowing it to attract financial growth.

Saturnian Grounding Bath:

Purpose: Grounding and centering oneself. Ingredients: Lead, Comfrey. Method:

  • (Caution: Do NOT immerse lead in your bath. It’s toxic!) Place a piece of lead near your bathtub but not in the water.
  • Add comfrey leaves or comfrey-infused oil to a warm bath.
  • Immerse yourself, feeling the grounding energies as you soak.

Moonlit Beauty Cream:

Purpose: Enhance beauty and charm. Ingredients: Silver, Salt, Chamomile. Method:

  • Melt a natural face cream base or use coconut oil.
  • On a full moon night, place a silver object in the cream.
  • Add salt and chamomile infusion.
  • Use this cream at night, visualizing your beauty and charm shining like moonlight.

Uranian Awakening Spray:

Purpose: To stimulate innovation and originality. Ingredients: Lavender, Aluminum, Electric essence. Method:

  • In a spritz bottle, add distilled water.
  • Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and a small aluminum bead.
  • Charge the water under a lightning storm or near electronic devices to capture the electric essence.
  • Spray around your workspace or room to enhance creativity and unique ideas.

Neptunian Intuition Oil:

Purpose: Enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Ingredients: Seaweed, Tin, Moonstone essence. Method:

  • In a vial, add a base oil like almond or olive oil.
  • Introduce seaweed and a small tin object.
  • Charge the vial under moonlight to infuse with moonstone essence.
  • Anoint your third eye or wrists before meditation or divination activities.

Plutonian Transformation Salve:

Purpose: Aid in personal transformation and rebirth. Ingredients: Pomegranate, Obsidian, Phoenix feather essence. Method:

  • Melt beeswax and add to it pomegranate oil.
  • Introduce a piece of obsidian and charge the mixture with the imagined essence of a phoenix feather.
  • Use the salve on pulse points during phases of personal change.

Arian Ambition Charm:

Purpose: Fuel ambition and drive. Ingredients: Ginger, Ruby, Dragon’s breath. Method:

  • In a small pouch, place dried ginger and a ruby gemstone.
  • Whisper your ambitions to the pouch and imagine a dragon’s fiery breath charging it.
  • Keep the charm with you when embarking on new ventures.

Taurian Stability Stone:

Purpose: Grounding and solidifying intentions. Ingredients: Salt, Emerald, Earth essence. Method:

  • On a plate, lay out coarse salt in a circle.
  • Place an emerald in the center and charge under the midday sun, calling upon the essence of Earth.
  • Keep the stone in your home or workspace to maintain stability and perseverance.

Geminian Communication Elixir:

Purpose: Enhancing communication and understanding. Ingredients: Mint, Agate, Air essence. Method:

  • Brew a tea from fresh mint leaves.
  • Introduce an agate stone into the tea while it cools.
  • Charge the elixir under a breezy day, absorbing the essence of the Air.
  • Drink before important discussions or presentations.

Cancerian Comfort Incense:

Purpose: Evoke feelings of comfort and emotional security. Ingredients: Cedarwood, Moonstone, Seashell essence. Method:

  • Grind cedarwood and mix with resin.
  • Infuse with powdered moonstone and imagine the essence of seashells.
  • Burn the incense during times of emotional turbulence or when seeking solace.

Leonine Confidence Potion:

Purpose: Boost confidence and pride. Ingredients: Sunflower, Gold, Lion’s roar. Method:

  • In a pot, heat water and steep sunflower petals.
  • Add a gold item and envision a lion’s mighty roar infusing the brew.
  • Drink when needing an extra boost of self-assuredness.

Virgonian Healing Balm:

Purpose: Facilitate physical and emotional healing. Ingredients: Chamomile, Sapphire, Harvest essence. Method:

  • Melt shea butter and mix with chamomile essential oil.
  • Introduce sapphire dust and imagine the essence of a bountiful harvest.
  • Apply the balm on wounds or areas needing emotional healing.

Libran Harmony Candle:

Purpose: Balance energies and promote harmony. Ingredients: Rose, Opal, Scales essence. Method:

  • Melt wax for a candle and mix in rose essential oil.
  • Introduce pieces of opal and visualize the essence of balanced scales.
  • Light the candle during times of discord to restore equilibrium.

Remember, as with all magical practices, the focus and intention behind each work are vital. Ensure that you always approach your rituals and spells with clarity, respect, and understanding. Use materials responsibly and safely.

 Now we will examine how to align your magical operations with the movement of the astrological bodies. All time is magical, and every magical act respects time. Here are your examples. Observe what is happening, and learn how to determine astrological times accordingly:

Solar Invigoration Elixir:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Sun in Leo or the 5th house.
  • Number & Color: 1 (new beginnings, leadership) & Gold.

Lunar Dream Pillow:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Moon in Cancer or the 4th house.
  • Number & Color: 2 (intuition, reflection) & Silver.

Mercury Mind Elixir:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or the 3rd or 6th house.
  • Number & Color: 3 (communication, adaptability) & Light Grey.

Venusian Love Perfume:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Venus in Libra or Taurus, or the 2nd or 7th house.
  • Number & Color: 4 (love, beauty) & Green or Pink.

Mars Courage Amulet:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Mars in Aries or Scorpio, or the 1st or 8th house.
  • Number & Color: 5 (action, passion) & Red.

Jupiter Wealth Bundle:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces, or the 9th or 12th house.
  • Number & Color: 6 (expansion, abundance) & Royal Blue.

Saturnian Grounding Bath:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius, or the 10th or 11th house.
  • Number & Color: 7 (structure, discipline) & Black.

Moonlit Beauty Cream:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Moon in Cancer, or the 4th house.
  • Number & Color: 8 (cycles, transformation) & White.

Solar Focus Talisman:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Sun in Leo, or the 5th house.
  • Number & Color: 9 (illumination, vitality) & Gold.

Venus Libido Elixir:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Venus in Libra or Taurus, or the 2nd or 7th house.
  • Number & Color: 10 (harmony, attraction) & Green or Pink.

Neptunian Intuition Potion:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Neptune in Pisces, or the 12th house.
  • Number & Color: 11 (mysticism, intuition) & Sea Green.

Uranus Innovation Elixir:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Uranus in Aquarius, or the 11th house.
  • Number & Color: 12 (revolution, innovation) & Electric Blue.

Plutonian Transformational Balm:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Pluto in Scorpio, or the 8th house.
  • Number & Color: 13 (transformation, rebirth) & Deep Red.

Vesta Devotional Perfume:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Vesta in Virgo, or the 6th house.
  • Number & Color: 14 (devotion, focus) & Pale Yellow.

Ceres Nourishing Salve:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Ceres in Taurus, or the 2nd house.
  • Number & Color: 15 (nurturing, growth) & Earthy Brown.

Pallas Athena Strategy Amulet:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Pallas in Libra, or the 7th house.
  • Number & Color: 16 (wisdom, strategy) & Olive Green.

Juno Commitment Bundle:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Juno in Libra, or the 7th house.
  • Number & Color: 17 (partnership, commitment) & Bright Pink.

Chiron Healing Bath:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Chiron in Pisces, or the 12th house.
  • Number & Color: 18 (healing, wounds) & Lavender.

Black Moon Lilith Empowerment Cream:

  • Astrological Correspondence: Lilith in Scorpio, or the 8th house.
  • Number & Color: 19 (shadow, empowerment) & Dark Purple.

North Node Destiny Talisman:

  • Astrological Correspondence: North Node in Leo, or the 5th house.
  • Number & Color: 20 (destiny, purpose) & Shimmering Gold.