Wizards Academy




A. Required Tools

  1. Solar Symbols (e.g., ankh, sun disc)
  2. Yellow or Gold Candles
  3. Sunstone or Citrine Crystals
  4. Frankincense Incense

Preparatory Measures

A. Timing and Astrological Factors

  1. Opt for Sundays, which are ruled by the Sun.
  2. Consider astrological influences, such as Leo, for enhancing the potency of Solar Magic.

B. Mental Preparations

  1. Formulate a clear intention for the ritual.
  2. Prepare mentally to channel solar energy.

Setting Up Your Ritual Space

A. Altar Arrangement

  1. Position yellow or gold candles centrally on the altar.
  2. Arrange solar symbols and crystals around the candles.
  3. Light frankincense incense for aroma and energy cleansing.

B. Casting the Circle

  1. Circumambulate the altar three times in a clockwise direction.
  2. Envision a luminous golden circle extending from your core, forming a protective boundary around the ritual space.

The Core Ritual

A. Invoking Solar Deities

  1. Evoke solar deities such as Ra, Apollo, or Surya to lend their energies and guidance to the ritual.

B. Channeling Solar Energy

  1. Extend your palms facing downwards over the altar.
  2. Visualize a cascade of solar energy flowing from the sun, through your crown chakra, and finally entering the altar through your hands.

C. Lighting the Candles

  1. Ignite the candles while articulating your intention for the ritual.

D. Charging the Crystals

  1. Elevate your chosen sunstone or citrine over the candle flames.
  2. Visualize the crystal absorbing the combined energies of the fire and the sun as you chant your affirmations.

Meditation and Energy Absorption

A. Solar Meditation

  1. Situate yourself in a comfortable position with eyes closed.
  2. Visualize your body being filled with radiant golden light.
  3. Experience the sensation of purification and empowerment.

Closing the Ritual

A. Expressing Gratitude

  1. Extend thanks to the invoked deities for their guidance and energy.

B. Grounding Techniques

  1. Discharge any remaining energy by connecting with the earth or by consuming food.

C. Dismantling the Circle

  1. Walk counter-clockwise around the altar three times to dismantle the protective circle.

Aftercare and Documentation

A. Cleaning Up the Altar

  1. Extinguish the candles and incense.
  2. Safely store the charged crystals and other ritual tools.

B. Journaling

  1. Record your experiences, any sensations felt, and messages received during the ritual for future reference and analysis.

This lesson aims to provide a comprehensive and academically rigorous guide to Solar Magic, ensuring you are well-equipped with the theoretical understanding and practical skills required to engage effectively with this venerable form of magical practice.