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All who come with good intentions are welcome and may stay as long as they wish. Here we discuss anything and everything related to the occult, especially in the practice of magic. Magic truly works, but it like any skill requires practice. And when you gain sufficient skills and knowledge, magic will begin to work for you the majority of the time. But always remember, your magic, like your destiny, is meant to benefit your spiritual growth. All intelligent beings were gifted with their intelligence for exactly that purpose. There is no event that happens to you that does no have the purpose to give you a lesson on something magical, something spiritual. When your eye start to open here, you will begin to clearly see the dynamics of this process. For those who were wondering if they have psychic, clairvoyant, or other ability, you’re probably in the right place because you are in like company. Self expression is encouraged here. So say what’s on your mind.

All posts must be approved, at least until we decide on the method and system we want to employ for you and other members to freely post here anytime. So please keep coming back as this online school grows.