Wizards Academy

A Daily Magical Meditation


In the time of serpents’ reign,

Beyond the veils of mystic shade,

Through lenses of perception’s gain,

A bodiless specter pervades.

I strive to pierce the cryptic deep,

With courage ‘gainst the threats untold,

My voice resounds where angels weep,

My life-force springs from stream, leaf, and mold.

United with the land, firmament, and tide,

In these vessels, age-old enchantments reside,

From my essence, destiny and form do coincide.

In moonlit shadows where darkness thrives,

A raven’s call to echo through the night,

The spirit’s dance, the essence strives,

To merge with forces hidden from plain sight.

A whispered word, a secret charm,

To bind the world in mystic embrace,

With destiny’s hand, I fear no harm,

As I journey through this ethereal space.