Wizards Academy



Learning to perform a ritual is a good thing, but it isn’t enough to reach our standards. You must harness focus by learning specific disciplines. By performing these skills repeatedly over time, you will strengthen your magical abilities over time.

Practicing magical skills over time can offer several advantages, both in terms of personal growth and practical application. Some potential benefits include:

  1. Personal empowerment: Practicing magic can lead to increased self-confidence and a sense of control over one’s life, as individuals learn to harness their inner power and shape their reality according to their intentions.

  2. Spiritual growth: Many magical practices involve a connection with higher powers, deities, or spiritual realms. This connection can deepen one’s spiritual understanding and foster growth on a personal and spiritual level.

  3. Intuition development: Engaging in magical practices often involves the development and use of intuitive abilities, such as clairvoyance or psychic awareness. This can lead to a heightened sense of intuition and greater understanding of oneself and others.

  4. Self-awareness: The introspective nature of many magical practices can lead to increased self-awareness, helping individuals better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and inner desires.

  5. Emotional healing: Some magical practices, such as energy healing or shadow work, can help individuals address emotional wounds and promote personal healing.

  6. Improved focus and concentration: Many magical practices require intense focus and concentration. Regular practice can help develop these skills, leading to improved mental clarity and the ability to maintain focus on tasks outside of magical practice as well.

  7. Stress relief: Engaging in magical rituals or meditation can offer a form of stress relief, providing an opportunity to relax, unwind, and focus on personal well-being.

  8. Community: Practicing magic can lead to connections with like-minded individuals, creating a sense of community and belonging.

  9. Creativity: Magic often involves creative expression, such as the creation of rituals, crafting talismans, or writing spells. This can help develop and enhance one’s creative skills.

  10. Practical application: Some magical practices can offer tangible benefits in everyday life, such as protection, attracting love or prosperity, or improving health.


A list of our classes :
(Work in Progress)

    1. Wand Casting
    2. Evocation
    3. Evocation of Spirits
    4. Evocation of Elementals
    5. Evocation of Demons
    6. Evocation of Angels
    7. Evocation of Deities
    8. Invocation
    9. Invocation of Spirits
    10. Invocation of Elementals
    11. Invocation of Demons
    12. Invocation of Angels
    13. Invocation of Deities
    14. Invocation of Personal Power
    15. Divination
    16. Scrying
    17. Pendulum Dowsing
    18. Tarot Reading
    19. Rune Casting
    20. I-Ching Consultation
    21. Astrological Chart Analysis
    22. Numerology Analysis
    23. Ogham Reading
    24. Geomancy
    25. Tasseography
    26. Palmistry
    27. Crystal Gazing
    28. Automatic Writing
    29. Clairvoyance
    30. Clairaudience
    31. Clairsentience
    32. Channeling
    33. Mediumship
    34. Spirit Communication
    35. Astral Projection
    36. Lucid Dreaming
    37. Dream Interpretation
    38. Dream Magic
    39. Hypnosis
    40. Trance Work
    41. Shamanic Journeying
    42. Pathworking
    43. Visualization
    44. Guided Meditation
    45. Energy Work
    46. Aura Cleansing
    47. Chakra Balancing
    48. Grounding
    49. Centering
    50. Shielding
    51. Psychic Development
    52. Psychic Self-Defense
    53. Psychic Attack
    54. Psychic Healing
    55. Reiki
    56. Pranic Healing
    57. Crystal Healing
    58. Color Therapy
    59. Sound Therapy
    60. Aromatherapy
    61. Herbalism
    62. Potion Brewing
    63. Anointing Oils
    64. Incense Making
    65. Candle Magic
    66. Fire Magic
    67. Water Magic
    68. Air Magic
    69. Earth Magic
    70. Spirit Magic
    71. Elemental Magic
    72. Weather Magic
    73. Talisman Creation
    74. Amulet Creation
    75. Sigil Magic
    76. Enchantment
    77. Glamour Magic
    78. Shape-shifting
    79. Animal Familiars
    80. Spirit Guides
    81. Totem Animals
    82. Plant Magic
    83. Tree Magic
    84. Garden Magic
    85. Kitchen Witchery
    86. Cooking Magic
    87. Brewing Magical Teas
    88. Herbal Remedies
    89. Sympathetic Magic
    90. Knot Magic
    91. Poppet Magic
    92. Binding Spells
    93. Banishing Spells
    94. Exorcism
    95. Cleansing Rituals
    96. Purification Rituals
    97. Protection Magic
    98. Love Spells
    99. Money Spells
    100. Health Spells
    101. Hexes and Curses
    102. Magical Writing (grimoires, Books of Shadows, etc.)