Wizards Academy




All instructions within these pages are set up as “bare bone” designs. They are intended to give you an idea of how to engineer your magical operation or ritual. OUR GOAL  is to teach you on how to be the architect of your magic. Learn as much as you can from our school, by continually exploring all lessons at the school, even random posts in the blog. And then employing them in your work. There is no end to the learning here, so do not expect to ever be finished on your journey to becoming a better wizard. But we will always acknowledge your milestones and levels of experience you’ve achieved.
Learning to perform a ritual is a good thing, but it isn’t enough to reach our standards. You must harness focus by learning specific disciplines. By performing these skills repeatedly over time, you will strengthen your magical abilities over time.

Practicing magical skills over time can offer several advantages, both in terms of personal growth and practical application. Some potential benefits include:

  1. Personal empowerment: Practicing magic can lead to increased self-confidence and a sense of control over one’s life, as individuals learn to harness their inner power and shape their reality according to their intentions.
  2. Spiritual growth: Many magical practices involve a connection with higher powers, deities, or spiritual realms. This connection can deepen one’s spiritual understanding and foster growth on a personal and spiritual level.
  3. Intuition development: Engaging in magical practices often involves the development and use of intuitive abilities, such as clairvoyance or psychic awareness. This can lead to a heightened sense of intuition and greater understanding of oneself and others.
  4. Self-awareness: The introspective nature of many magical practices can lead to increased self-awareness, helping individuals better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and inner desires.
  5. Emotional healing: Some magical practices, such as energy healing or shadow work, can help individuals address emotional wounds and promote personal healing.
  6. Improved focus and concentration: Many magical practices require intense focus and concentration. Regular practice can help develop these skills, leading to improved mental clarity and the ability to maintain focus on tasks outside of magical practice as well.
  7. Stress relief: Engaging in magical rituals or meditation can offer a form of stress relief, providing an opportunity to relax, unwind, and focus on personal well-being.
  8. Community: Practicing magic can lead to connections with like-minded individuals, creating a sense of community and belonging.
  9. Creativity: Magic often involves creative expression, such as the creation of rituals, crafting talismans, or writing spells. This can help develop and enhance one’s creative skills.
  10. Practical application: Some magical practices can offer tangible benefits in everyday life, such as protection, attracting love or prosperity, or improving health.

A list of our classes :
(Work in Progress)

AlchemyCelebrating SabbatsObserving Esbats
Knotwork MagicShadow MagicBlood Magic
Lunar MagicSolar MagicHerbal Alchemy
Tincture CreationElixir BrewingPhiltre Making
Celebrating the Wheel of the YearBone MagicSea Witchery
Lunar Eclipses RitualsSolar Eclipse RitualsCelestial Magic
Working with Ley LinesDrawing Down the MoonRaising the Cone of Power
Sex MagicRite of the Witches’ PyramidFeri Tradition Practices
Drawing Down the SunFertility RitualsHarvest Rituals
Crafting Magical JewelryMirror MagicWorking with Magical Inks
Study of the KabbalahSacred GeometrySigilization
Working with the FaeDragon MagicMermaid Magic
VoodooHoodooAncestral Worship
Sacred DanceLabyrinth WalkingCrafting Witches’ Ladders
Creating Mojo BagsCrafting Dream PillowsBroom Closet Witchery

High Magick PracticesLow Magick PracticesFolk Magic
Crafting Witches’ BottlesSeidr (Norse sorcery)Nidstang (Norse cursing pole)
Runic MagicSpinning and Weaving MagicWand Casting
EvocationEvocation of SpiritsEvocation of Elementals
Evocation of DemonsEvocation of AngelsEvocation of Deities
InvocationInvocation of SpiritsInvocation of Elementals
Invocation of DemonsInvocation of AngelsInvocation of Deities
Invocation of Personal PowerDivinationScrying
Pendulum DowsingTarot ReadingRune Casting
I-Ching ConsultationAstrological Chart AnalysisNumerology Analysis
Ogham ReadingGeomancyTasseography
PalmistryCrystal GazingAutomatic Writing
ChannelingMediumshipSpirit Communication
Astral ProjectionLucid DreamingDream Interpretation
Dream MagicHypnosisTrance Work
Shamanic JourneyingPathworkingVisualization
Guided MeditationEnergy WorkAura Cleansing
Chakra BalancingGroundingCentering
ShieldingPsychic DevelopmentPsychic Self-Defense
Psychic AttackPsychic HealingReiki
Pranic HealingCrystal HealingColor Therapy
Sound TherapyAromatherapyHerbalism
Potion BrewingAnointing OilsIncense Making
Candle MagicFire MagicWater Magic
Air MagicEarth MagicSpirit Magic
Elemental MagicWeather MagicTalisman Creation
Amulet CreationSigil MagicEnchantment
Glamour MagicShape-shiftingAnimal Familiars
Spirit GuidesTotem AnimalsPlant Magic
Tree MagicGarden MagicKitchen Witchery
Cooking MagicBrewing Magical TeasHerbal Remedies
Sympathetic MagicKnot MagicPoppet Magic
Binding SpellsBanishing SpellsExorcism
Cleansing RitualsPurification RitualsProtection Magic
Love SpellsMoney SpellsHealth Spells
Hexes and CursesMagical Writing (grimoires)Books of Shadows