Wizards Academy

Art of Making: Crafting tangible beauty from raw materials, shaping ideas into reality

As you may have learned in one of your classes here, objects and symbols will become methods, vehicles, mediums, symbols, or tools for producing the proper state of mind for you to reach the frequency and chemistry needed to produce a magical response.

In this lesson, you will create, manufacture, or build objects of power. The rules are very relaxed, and they allow your creativity to flow at its best. You can use ideas from mythology, religion, lore, fiction, and nonfiction.

Crafting and enchanting are two related processes in the context of magic, which involve creating and imbuing objects with magical properties or powers. They are often used in various mythologies, fantasy literature, and role-playing games.

Crafting refers to the process of creating an object, often using traditional artisan techniques, such as blacksmithing, woodworking, or weaving. In the context of magic, crafting involves not only the physical construction of the object but also the incorporation of magical elements, symbols, or materials. These magical components can make the object more potent, durable, or effective in its intended purpose.

Enchanting is the process of imbuing an already crafted object with magical properties or powers, typically through the use of spells, incantations, or rituals. This can involve invoking the powers of gods, spirits, or other supernatural beings to infuse the object with their energy. The enchantment process can also involve the use of magical materials, such as enchanted gems or crystals, to enhance the object’s power.

Examples of crafting and enchanting objects follow. Become familiar with the processes at work and perhaps even practice making them. Please be sure to complete the boot camp training here at the academy before attempting these examples below:

  1. Object: Guardian’s Bracelet Power: The ability to ward off an enemy Creation: Craft a silver bracelet with protective runes engraved on its surface. Set a polished piece of black tourmaline in the center to enhance its defensive properties. Enchantment: While wearing the bracelet, stand within a circle of salt and recite the following incantation: “By this token, I decree, No foe shall ever conquer me, With black tourmaline’s steadfast might, Guardian’s Bracelet, shield me from spite.”

  2. Object: Charm of Radiant Joy Power: The power to attract a happy moment Creation: Carve a charm from sunstone, shaped like a sunburst, and hang it on a golden chain. Decorate the charm with motifs of laughter, music, and dancing. Enchantment: In the warm light of a sunny day, hold the charm aloft and speak the following incantation: “Sunstone bright, with joyful rays, Draw to me the happiest days, In this charm, your power store, To summon joy forevermore.”

  3. Object: Soothing Crystal Scepter Power: The power to soothe discomfort Creation: Create a scepter with a handle of willow wood, known for its flexibility and soothing properties. At the top, embed a polished piece of blue lace agate, a stone associated with tranquility and healing. Enchantment: Hold the scepter under the light of a crescent moon and gently chant the following incantation: “Willow’s touch and agate’s grace, Banish pain and leave no trace, By this scepter, healing bestow, Soothe discomfort, ease all woe.”

  4. Object: Amulet of Lucid Thoughts Power: The power to bring clarity of mind Creation: Carve an amulet from clear quartz, in the shape of an eye. Encircle the eye with a spiral of silver wire and inscribe symbols of wisdom and insight along its edge. Enchantment: In a quiet, meditative space, hold the amulet between your palms and recite the following incantation: “Quartz so clear, I seek your sight, To pierce the fog and bring the light, In this amulet, clarity bind, Illuminate the heart and mind.”

  5. Object: Heart’s Embrace Locket Power: The power to bring love into the bearer’s heart Creation: Forge a heart-shaped locket from rose gold, adorned with intricate filigree patterns. Inside the locket, place a small rose quartz crystal, a stone associated with love and compassion. Enchantment: While wearing the locket, stand in a rose garden during the twilight hour and whisper the following incantation: “Rose gold and quartz entwined, To open hearts and ease the mind, In this locket, your powers store, To fill my heart with love once more.”

In summary, crafting and enchanting involve creating and empowering objects with magical properties. These objects often serve specific purposes, such as protection, luck, or the amplification of the wielder’s magical abilities. The processes of crafting and enchanting are central to many mythological and fantasy narratives and can result in a wide range of magical objects, each with its own unique powers and abilities.

We will dive deeper into this topic and provide lessons for you to practice on all in time to come.