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Welcome to the Wizards Academy, new students! We are excited to embark on this journey of wizardry together. Whether you are a novice or have some experience in the world of magic, we are here to teach you the basics of wizardry and give you a solid foundation upon which you can build your knowledge and skills.

The first step in your journey as a wizard is to learn how to cast your first magic circle. The magic circle is a fundamental tool for every wizard as it serves as a protective barrier between you and the energies you are working with. To cast your circle, you will need to learn the proper techniques for visualization, grounding, and raising energy. Once you have mastered these techniques, you will be ready to cast your first circle and start working with magic.

Next, you will learn how to create your wand, atheme, cords, and altar. Your wand is an extension of your power and is used to direct your energy during spell casting. Your atheme, or ritual knife, is used for cutting energy and is an important tool for cleansing and purifying your space. Your cords are used to tie off spells and create sacred space, while your altar serves as a central focus for your magic work.

Once you have created your tools, you will learn how to raise power and control it. This is a critical skill for every wizard as it allows you to direct your energy and manifest your desires. There are many techniques for raising power, including chanting, dancing, and visualization. You will learn how to use these techniques to channel your energy and work with the forces of the universe.

After you have learned how to raise power, you will begin to learn the art of casting a spell. Casting a spell involves focusing your intention, raising energy, and directing it towards your desired outcome. You will learn how to create and charge your spells using herbs, candles, crystals, and other tools. You will also learn how to work with the elements and other natural forces to enhance your magic.

In addition to spell casting, you will learn the basics of conjuring. Conjuring involves invoking and evoking spirits and other entities to aid you in your magic work. You will learn how to work with spirits and other entities in a safe and respectful manner.

Throughout your studies, you will also learn about the history and philosophy of wizardry. You will explore the origins of magic and learn about the different traditions and practices that have evolved over time. You will also learn about the ethical considerations of wizardry and how to use your power responsibly.

At the Wizards Academy, we believe that magic is a powerful force for positive change in the world. We are dedicated to teaching our students how to use their magic for the greater good and to promote healing, love, and harmony. We are excited to have you as a part of our community and look forward to helping you discover the magic within yourself.


The Source of a Wizard’s Power

The source of a magician’s power is a complex and multifaceted concept, with roots in various aspects of their life and the world around them. In this essay, we will explore the five major factors that contribute to a magician’s power: Gaia, Karma, destiny, experience, and their relationship with a god and goddess. Furthermore, we will briefly discuss how astrology reveals a magician’s destiny through their Natal Chart. Finally, we will summarize how these factors work together to determine a magician’s magical power.

  1. Gaia

Gaia, also known as the Earth or Mother Nature, is the living, conscious force that permeates all of creation. Magicians draw upon Gaia’s energy to perform their magic, connecting with the natural world and channeling its power. The deeper a magician’s connection to Gaia, the more powerful their magic becomes. To strengthen this bond, magicians may practice meditation, spend time in nature, and engage in rituals that honor the Earth. To learn more about Gaia and the role it plays in magic, you can refer to the following book: “The Gaia Hypothesis: Science on a Pagan Planet” by Michael Ruse.

  1. Karma

Karma is the concept of cause and effect, where a person’s past actions and past lives influence their present circumstances. A magician’s power is tied to their karmic history, as the experiences they have accumulated over many lifetimes inform their magical abilities. A magician with positive karma may find it easier to access their magical powers, while those with negative karma may face obstacles. By working to resolve their karmic debts, a magician can unlock greater magical potential. For more information on the relationship between magic and karma, refer to “Karma and Reincarnation: Unlocking Your 800 Lives to Enlightenment” by Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis.

  1. Destiny

Destiny refers to a magician’s sacred purpose in life, which is often revealed through astrology. An astrological Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment a person is born, revealing the positions of the planets and other celestial bodies. These positions can help indicate a person’s innate abilities, personality traits, and life purpose, which can, in turn, inform their magical path. By understanding their Natal Chart, a magician can align themselves with their destiny and focus on their unique gifts and talents. To learn more about astrology and how it relates to magic, consider reading “Astrology for the Soul” by Jan Spiller.

  1. Experience

A magician’s level of experience plays a significant role in their magical power. The more years a magician has invested in honing their abilities and acquiring practical knowledge, the more powerful their magic becomes. This experience can include formal study, apprenticeships, self-directed learning, and participation in magical communities. The more a magician practices and learns, the greater their understanding and mastery of the magical arts. For a comprehensive guide to magical practices and techniques, refer to “Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts” by Donald Michael Kraig.

  1. God and Goddess

In many magical traditions, the magician’s relationship with a god and goddess is a key factor in their power. By forming a connection with these divine beings, magicians can access divine energy and receive guidance and support. This connection can be established through prayer, ritual, and personal devotion. By honoring and working with their chosen god and goddess, a magician can draw upon their divine power to enhance their magical abilities. For more information on the role of deities in magic, you can read “The Witches’ God: Lord of the Dance” and “The Witches’ Goddess: The Feminine Principle of Divinity,” both by

Janet and Stewart Farrar. These books provide valuable insights into the significance of gods and goddesses in magical traditions and how they can be incorporated into a magician’s practice.


In conclusion, a magician’s power is derived from a combination of factors, including their connection to Gaia, their karmic history, their astrological destiny, their level of experience, and their relationship with a god and goddess. Each of these aspects plays a crucial role in shaping a magician’s magical abilities and potential. By deepening their connection to the natural world, resolving karmic debts, understanding their astrological destiny, gaining practical experience, and forming a bond with divine beings, a magician can unlock and enhance their magical power. The books mentioned throughout this essay provide useful resources for further study and understanding of these concepts.


Things to remember…

God and Goddess: Beyond Human Understanding

The God and Goddess, as highly advanced and developed forms of consciousness, should not be personified as human-like entities. Their actions and intentions transcend human comprehension and cannot be understood in simple black-and-white terms.

The flaw in simplifying the actions of the God and Goddess as merely human actions lies in the fact that they operate on a level far beyond our understanding. The complexity of the natural laws that govern their actions means that human perspectives cannot fully grasp the extent and implications of their divine activities. Reducing their actions to human terms would inevitably result in misunderstandings and misinterpretations of their true nature.

Intuition and the subconscious mind serve as the closest means for humans to connect with and understand the God and Goddess. These faculties allow us to access insights that go beyond rational thought and linear reasoning.

The duality of the God and Goddess represents the balance and interplay of opposing forces: masculine and feminine, passive and active, pulling and pushing. At the same time, they also embody the concept of unity, existing as both separate entities and a singular force.

Kundalini is a potent form of energy that can further illustrate their duality. It represents the divine feminine energy at the base of the spine that, when awakened, ascends through the chakras to unite with the divine masculine energy at the crown chakra. This union leads to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

To learn more about the duality of the God and Goddess and the concept of Kundalini, consider the following references:

  1. “The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga” by Sir John Woodroffe – This book explores the principles of Tantra, Shakti, and Kundalini, providing an in-depth understanding of the balance between masculine and feminine energies.

  2. “The Inner Tradition of Yoga: A Guide to Yoga Philosophy for the Contemporary Practitioner” by Michael Stone – This guide offers insights into the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and the significance of balancing opposing forces in our spiritual practice.

  3. “Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith – This book presents an overview of the chakra system and the importance of Kundalini energy in the process of spiritual awakening.

In summary, recognizing the complexity and duality of the God and Goddess is crucial when practicing magic. Utilizing intuition and the subconscious mind can facilitate a deeper connection with these divine forces and enhance our spiritual growth.

I encourage you to continue this journey to understand how the consciousness and power of the god and goddess play a part in your existence and daily life.


The following steps will guide you in performing a basic ritual. These steps are in the Wiccan tradition of Gerald Gardner, or simply put, Witchcraft. This teaches you how to open and close the ritual. The main part of the ritual, the “main-course” is the center piece, and it is up to you to design, develop, and create that part. It could be for any number of occasions, including a Holiday (Sabbat or Esbat), a marriage, a love spell, a new job, protection, etc.

This will give you a feel for raising magic and having the responsibility for performing a ritual. The most experienced wizards and witches will lead groups, or covens, with multiple people. Such a role has a lot of responsibility and must be handled with care.