Wizards Academy

Rite of Passage and Understanding

One of the languages we use at the school is Celtic, otherwise known as Old Irish. The Rite of Passage provided below is written in Celtic.

If you do not know how to pronounce Celtic, then please go to https://ttsfree.com/
and select Irish from the drop-down menu if it is not already present. Copy and paste the Celtic into the box and click “CONVERT NOW”. When it is done, the page may scroll to the bottom of the page. Just scroll back up to find the recording ready for you to download. You may also click the player button to play the Celtic reader. 

We highly recommend you slow the speed to -20%, and if the recording sounds poor, then try converting it again, or using another voice from the selection.

Use the pause button to allow you to repeat each word after it is spoken to you.

Save your downloads with Note in the Wizards Academy folder you will create for your studies at this school.

Old Irish is a Celtic language. It is a member of the Goidelic (or Gaelic) branch of the Celtic languages, which also includes Scottish Gaelic and Manx. Old Irish was spoken in Ireland and parts of Scotland and the Isle of Man from around the 6th to the 10th century. It evolved from Primitive Irish, which was the earliest form of the Goidelic languages, and eventually developed into Middle Irish, which was spoken from the 10th to the 12th century. Today’s Irish (Gaeilge), Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig), and Manx (Gaelg) languages all descended from Middle Irish.


A request for passage and understanding from the gatekeeper guardians will protect you, guide you, and benefit you on your journey into this realm. Without this, your path here will not be entirely clear, and it would result in a lack of magical power or ability to effectively use the knowledge Taken from this academy:

  1. “Chun dul isteach an tsuímh seo, geallaim umhalú don Ord Dragúin 333ú.” (To enter this site, I swear submission to the Order of the 333rd Dragon.)

  2. “Agus geallaim dílseacht don scoil seo agus a chuspóir chun áit nádúrtha an duine i ndraíocht a chur chun cinn, i onóir fhoras beatha an tsaoil.”(And I swear loyalty to this school and its purpose to promote humanity’s natural place in magic, in honor of the universal life force.)

  3. “Ná úsáid draíocht chun ionsaí nó bagairt a thabhairt ar an acadamh.” (Never to use magic to attack or menace the academy.)

  4. “Agus ómoir a thabhairt don Tri-trí Dragún,” (And to pay respect to the Tri-three Dragon,)

“Ó bhéal mé go cluas tú, spiorad an draíochta, anáil an eolais, coimeádaí na ngeataí agus an ord, i dtine agus solas do Dhraíocht Dragúin.” 

(From my mouth to your ear, spirit of magic, breath of knowledge, keeper of the gates and of the order, in fire and light of our mighty dragon I ask this of you.)